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Our company is based on sustainable cultivation that has as a priority respect for the environment, habitat and their natural cycles.

We use green manure, an agronomic practice, which allows us to maintain or increase soil fertility by sowing special crops such as legumes, cruciferous plants and grasses. These in fact, thanks to symbiotic bacteria, have the particularity of fixing atmospheric nitrogen in a form that plants can use. This system has allowed us to improve the organic substance of the soil, to slow down the erosion process and finally to reduce drought as the humus in the soil keeps the water in the soil.

The area around our farm is very rich in local fauna. There are ducks, flamingos, fish and reptiles around the Ciane River, while hawks, rabbits and hares are more visible near Monasteries.

The water we use to irrigate our trees comes from the local natural aquifers that we extract about 70 meters and up to 200 meters below sea level. < / span>

By using dripline irrigation systems we have reduced water consumption by over 50%, thanks also to our constant commitment to biodiversity and the introduction of specific plants to improve water retention. < / p>

With the use of green manure and thus keeping the soil in an ideal condition for nature to work in the best way, the soil remains protected together with its microorganisms. Furthermore, all the biomass buried in the first layers of soil, which is gradually decomposed and mineralized by soil microorganisms, has a double value: abundant nourishment for the soil and a favorable habitat for their proliferation.