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The history of the Gibilisco company dates back to 1957, with Rosario, a simple and small worker but with a great love for the “Earth”. It all began with the purchase of a plot of about 5000 square meters in which he often sacrificed his salary and the little free time available.

In the mid-80s the company, which had grown considerably, adopted the "INTEGRATED STRUGGLE" method. But the real turning point came in the mid-90s when, under the pressure of innovation and the generational change, it was decided by mutual agreement to grow in "ORGANIC".

Today the company, mainly family-run, consists of about 30 hectares, located in Syracuse on several plots, spread over different sites, one of which is located at inside the legendary Ciane River Reserve.

Essentially citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges (Navel - Valencia) Star Ruby grapefruit and Tardivo Ciaculli mandarin are grown.

Currently a further generational shift is being undertaken and being the new generation fascinated by the principles of anthroposophy, the experimentation of preparations for cultivation in Biodynamic is being implemented. < / span>

Our farm is located in Monasteri (Floridia SR). Monasteri is a special and perfect area for the cultivation of citrus fruits because the altitude is not too high, it is sheltered from the fresh north winds and fresh north winds and it is close to the sea. the cultivation of citrus fruits.
We are located in a series of plots around the area of the Ciane river, a nature reserve on the outskirts of Syracuse and monasteries, a very fertile area of eastern Sicily.

Our altitude of 110 meters above sea level is the optimal height to grow some of the best quality citrus fruits.
Our company is based on sustainable cultivation and respect for nature.

We use the method of "cover crops / green manure method. An agronomic practice that allows us to maintain or increase soil fertility by burying special crops such as cruciferous legumes and grass in the soil.
< br> This system has allowed us to improve the organic substance of the soil, which helps to slow down the erosion process and helps to reduce it contributes to reducing drought because the humus in the soil retains water.

The area around the farm is very rich in local fauna. There are ducks, flamingos, fish and reptiles around the Ciane River, while hawks, rabbits and howls are more visible inland, near Monasteries.

"I have been dealing with oranges and lemons since I was a child, when my father took me with him to the fields.
father took me with him to the fields. I dedicated my whole life in citrus growing and I never got tired of doing it. I am still eager to explore, learn and develop new projects and new ways to grow and improve our farm.

The water we collect to irrigate our trees comes from local natural aquifers that we extract about 70 meters and up to 200 meters below sea level.

Thanks to our constant work to promote biodiversity by introducing specific plants for specific plants to improve water retention, the soil requires less irrigation, as it is able to retain more water on the ground.

The use of "cover crops" is a great opportunity for us to keep the soil in an ideal condition to allow nature to do its work of nature in the best way. Indeed, the soil remains protected, together with underground microorganisms.

The history of our Company

Our house in Monasteri is an old millstone built in 1880 - Before becoming a citrus company it was a vineyard.
The conversion of the land was made in 1955, when the previous owner changed the cultivation to citrus .
In 1955 my father Rosario bought his first plot of land of about 5000 square meters where he invested most of his salary and the little time he had available.
He and my mother, Stella, loved working the land and they spent endless hours watering and growing fruits and vegetables that they gathered and cooked for the family every day.

One of my earliest memories is of eating oranges while walking through the trees with my father.
More today, every morning I eat about 20 oranges, tangerines and grapefruits for breakfast. When Valeria and I got married we went to live in the Fattoria di Monasteri where we had our children and we have been here ever since.

We don't go out much in the evening. We live a simple life, but full of pride and passion for our work and I believe this is reflected in the care and quality of our products.

I am very happy that Renato, my son, shares my passion and love for the land and it gives me great joy to know that this will be my legacy to future generations ".

Angelo and Renato

Although Renato and I are engaged full time in managing the farm, we also have our own seasonal team of harvesters who work with us during the harvest, in addition to Sara and Valeria, my daughter and my wife who work mostly in administration and accounting.
"Dad, I will not go to university, I will work with you on earth and we will produce the best oranges and lemons in the world!
After graduating from high school, Renato traveled to Europe and lived in Germany for five years.
When he decided to go back to university he returned to Sicily one afternoon he came with me for an inspection in one of the plots. It was a warm summer evening and as we were walking up one of the orangery paths he told me that he had changed his mind and that he wanted to become a farmer.
We want to share our love for nature and agriculture and we want to give people the opportunity to have an experience with the agricultural world.